Farming, Commercial & Bulk Fuel Delivery

Committed To Quality

Tevis understands the investment businesses make to their facilities, equipment, and vehicles. In fact, we use each of our commercial fueling services in our own operations.

And because we treat your equipment with the same care and concern as we do our own, you can trust Tevis to help protect your investment with quality fuels that are purchased from reputable suppliers and delivered by highly trained Tevis professionals.

Our own quality measures include visual product inspection at the terminal, as well as meticulous maintenance of our storage tanks and delivery vehicles.

Your vehicles and equipment are the lifeblood of your farm or business. Trust the fuel you use to a local company with a long-standing reputation for quality, honesty, and dependability!

Commercial Bulk Fuel Services

Your business is unique, and its success depends on a reliable supply of quality fuel. Thanks to Tevis’ proven system of fuel delivery and scheduling, the people who manage your operations will have one less detail to worry about and more time to focus on other areas of your operations.

Tevis has the experience, equipment, and resources to meet your company’s bulk fueling needs, and help optimize your company’s operational efficiency!Need Tanks? Tevis offers leased tanks! 500 and 1,000 Gallon double walled skid Tanks are available for customer convenience!

We proudly serve the following areas in Maryland and Pennsylvania:

    • Adams County
    • Baltimore County
    • Baltimore City
    • Carroll County
    • Howard County
    • Eastern Frederick County
    • Harford County
    • York County


Tevis automatic delivery service takes the headache and guesswork out of ensuring your onsite fuel supply is always at a level that will support and sustain your daily and seasonal business operations.

With automatic delivery and Tank monitoring, Tevis delivers fuel to your onsite storage tanks based on your actual rate of consumption.

Mobile direct fueling, also known as “wet hosing” solves several common productivity and financial concerns.

With Direct Fueling, Tevis will fill the tanks of your fleet vehicles or heavy equipment so you don’t have to! We’ll get the job done efficiently, so your employees can get rolling!

Key benefits of Direct Fueling:

    • Employee productivity is increased by eliminating the need to stop for fuel during working hours.
    • Environmental and insurance worries associated with large onsite fueling tanks can be avoided or reduced.
    • The possibility of employee theft at the pump is greatly reduced.


Intended for businesses with private fueling pumps, Tevis will make deliveries to large underground storage tanks (10,000 gallons or more).

Like all of our commercial fueling services, you’ll receive Tevis quality, value, and service … every time!

Dependable and competitively priced, Tevis’ line of value added commercial fueling services can be custom-tailored to meet your specific business needs and optimize your operational efficiency.

Tevis quality fuels include:

      • On-road diesel
      • Off-road diesel
      • Bio-Blended diesel
      • Gasoline (all grades)
      • Kerosene
      • Propane
      • Heating oil

We follow best practices to ensure you get the best quality fuels and delivery service available in Central Maryland and the South Central Pennsylvania region!

      • We maintain our fuel storage tanks and use strict cleanliness and water prevention measures to ensure consistent fuel quality for our customers.
      • We routinely have our fuel tested for sulfur, cetane, and bacteria content by an independent laboratory.
      • We treat our diesel fuels late November – March to ensure optimal cold flow performance
      • We treat our diesel fuels in the summer to disperse condensation, which can form in tanks that experience wide temperature variations due to sun exposure.
      • We train our drivers on industry best practices to ensure safe and reliable fuel deliveries.
      • We will provide reliable delivery to your location to keep your business running smoothly!

Each of these measures sets Tevis Energy apart from the competition and ensures that our valued customers receive the very best fuel performance and shelf life, while also receiving a fair and competitive price.

Do you need a tank? We provide fuel tanks in a wide range of sizes to meet nearly any volume requirement.

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