“BIOHEAT heating oil is a clean, responsible alternative to natural gas heating systems and performs admirably against all other heating systems.” – NORA Report

This is among the key findings of a report delivered to Congress in May by NORA (National Oilheat Research Alliance). Can it be true? Is BIOHEAT is cleaner than natural gas? The report further states that blends of 2% biodiesel or more produce lower greenhouse gas emissions than natural gas, when evaluated over 20 years! We think this is great news for customers!

Click here to view the complete NORA report.

Top 10 Reasons to Start Using Bioheat This Season!

  1. Tevis Bioheat contains 5% biodiesel, instead of 2%!
  2. Tevis uses U.S. produced soy biodiesel in our Bioheat!
  3. By increasing the demand for Bioheat, we help create more American jobs!
  4. Tevis Bioheat is proven. We have been delivering Bioheat since 2003!
  5. Just like our standard heating oil, Tevis Bioheat is fortified to give you MORE heat with LESS oil!
  6. Tevis Bioheat acts as a natural solvent to keep your system clean inside!
  7. Tevis Bioheat “gets along” with standard heating oil. (It’s fine for them to mix inside your tank!)
  8. Absolutely no system modifications are needed to begin using Bioheat!
  9. Tevis Bioheat doesn’t cost more than our standard heating oil!
  10. You’ll earn 300 Loyalty Rewards Points for switching to Bioheat!

To switch to Bioheat, call us at 410-876-6800, or use the Contact Us option within Anytime Account Access or our main website.