Home Heating Oil: Myth vs. Fact

Home heating oil is surrounded by myths. Today we’ll tackle the widely-held misconception that heating oil is dirty and ugly.

The fact is, Tevis Energy’s Lower Sulfur Heating Oil looks nothing like the thick oil crude from a well. Heating oil actually looks like cranberry juice; and when burned, produces near-zero levels of many harmful emissions. Heating oil emissions are so low, that there is no need for it to be regulated by the Federal Clean Air Act. And while the Environmental Protection Agency does allow up to 3,000 ppm sulfur in home heating oil, Tevis heating oil contains no more than 500 ppm. This means fewer sulfur dioxide pollutants are released into the atmosphere from combustion. It also means less soot builds up inside your furnace, which helps extend the life of your heating oil system. Then during your annual tune-up, what little soot has collected, is easily removed by your technician.

Tevis Energy also fortifies every drop of heating oil it sells with a fuel additive called T2000. This product promotes better overall combustion, giving you more heat with less oil and even lower emissions! T2000 is also proven to protect the quality of your heating oil over the summer or during periods of low usage. This extra attention to fuel quality ensures that the oil Tevis delivers to you late in the season will perform just as well when you turn on your furnace the following season. This may not be the case with untreated fuel. Eventually, the cost to correct the problems that low-quality heating oil can create will negate or surpass, the few extra cents per gallon that may have been saved when the non-Tevis fuel was purchased.

Tevis quality gets even better. Tevis Bioheat renewable heating oil is created by adding just 5% soy biodiesel, a product made from a U.S. grown soy beans! This reduces the sulfur content even further, as well as emissions. Bioheat renewable heating oil requires no system modifications, and can be used interchangeably with standard heating oil. There is no additional cost for Tevis Bioheat renewable heating oil!

Locally-owned and always competitively priced, Tevis Energy is the company thousands of homeowners TRUST for their home heating oil delivery in Baltimore County MD, Carroll County MD, Howard County MD, as well as Adams County PA and York County PA.


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Tevis Enhances and Safeguards Fuel Quality

Nobody takes fuel quality more seriously than Tevis!  To ensure consistent fuel quality for our customers, Tevis never strays from these best practices: