“How long will my heating oil last?” The question comes up every year around this time. And just like last year, and the year before, the answer is: “That depends.” Several factors come into play in calculating how much heating oil you will use in any timeframe, just like how much gasoline you’ll need in your automobile for the week. You’ll get more miles to the gallon if you’ll be driving on the highway than with the stop ‘n go driving of city streets. And if your car is tuned up and regularly maintained, that gets you better mileage, too. In the case of your home heating oil, the age and condition of your oil furnace, the size of your home, outside temperatures and weather conditions all affect how much home heating oil you’re going to use before the warmer spring and summer seasons arrive. (And we know Maryland weather conditions have been anything but predictable for some time now.)

The chart below is based on an average Maryland home size of 2000 to 2100 square feet, and will help you estimate how long your fuel oil will last.  Remember these are just estimates as a starting place for your planning purposes. Your home be more or less efficient at holding heat, or maybe you just like to keep your home warmer than the average Marylander. You can adjust your estimates accordingly, but of course, it’s better to err on the side of caution than to run out of heating oil during a late spring snowstorm.

Another thing to consider is the rule of thumb that says to always keep your heating oil level above 30 gallons. Drawing down you tank too low, or especially running it dry, can lead to some expensive repair work as sludge can get drawn into the furnace burners. It’s always good to know your tank size as the fuel gauge will tell you the percentage of the tank that contains fuel oil. The average home heating oil tank is 275 gallons.

The chart below uses 25 gallons for easy mathematical computation.

Average Outside Temperature (°F) Approximate Gallons Used in 24 Hours Approximate Days 25 Gallons Will Last
15 7.8 3.2
20 7.0 3.6
25 6.2 4.0
30 5.3 4.7
35 4.5 5.6
40 3.7 6.8
45 2.8 8.9
50 2.0 12.5


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If you do need a heating oil delivery, please call or Request a Delivery.  In a real pinch, you can also use diesel or kerosene instead of heating oil to hold you over until a delivery can be made.  However, if you use diesel or kerosene, it’s best to purchase these products from a reputable gas station.

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