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Tevis Commercial Fueling Services

Commercial Fueling Services are designed for farms and businesses of all sizes that depend on a reliable supply of quality fuel.

We offer the following Commercial Fueling Services:

Delivery to Fuel Tanks at your Site
Delivery to your Vehicles and Equipment (or “wet hosing”)
SmartFleet Fueling Card
Wholesale Fuel Delivery to Large Underground Fuel Tanks
Fuel Tank installation

Our Quality Fuels include:

On-road diesel, off-road diesel, biodiesel, gasoline, kerosene, and #2 fuel oil.
No matter of which of our commercial fueling options is right for your business, you can always count on Tevis for unsurpassed fuel quality and dependability. We stake our reputation on these two driving principles every day!

Tevis proudly delivers fuel to Maryland and South Central PA.

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