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Diesel Fuel | Gasoline Fuel Delivery

Whether they run on diesel or gasoline, your vehicles and equipment are central to your business operations. We know you require responsive, on-time fuel delivery, and quality fuels that protect the investment you make in your equipment.  We also know you need honest and fair fuel prices.  With Tevis, quality, response, and integrity are more than a given — they are at the heart of everything we do.

Trust Tevis to protect your business with dependable fuel delivery, fair and honest fuel prices, and quality fuels, including:

Does Your Fuel Tank Hold 10,000 gallons or more? Please visit our Bulk/Wholesale Fueling page.

When it comes to on-time fuel delivery, no other fuel company performs better than Tevis! We work tirelessly to understand your fueling requirements as if it was our business. Strong relationships allow us to be proactive in meeting your needs, and responsive should you encounter a situation that requires us to deviate from your normal fuel delivery schedule. Our drivers will also work efficiently and cooperatively to avoid disrupting your operations. And when you call us, you’ll reach someone who is always ready to help! You can trust Tevis to be there for you!

Fuel Quality matters to Tevis because we know it matters to you. Demanding or extreme operating conditions can degrade fuel quality. Poor quality fuel can lead to serious equipment problems that affect your operations and your profitability. Fortunately, Tevis is just as serious about preventing fuel-related problems.  To ensure consistent fuel quality:

  • We purchase fuel from only the most reputable suppliers.
  • We maintain our fuel storage tanks to the highest possible standards.
  • We maintain our fuel delivery vehicles to these same high standards.
  • We test our fuel regularly to verify quality.
  • We use seasonal additives to enhance and maintain fuel quality in all weather conditions.
  • Our drivers adhere to best practices to ensure flawless fuel deliveries to your on-site tanks and vehicles every time.

There are several factors that determine fuel price. Our goal is to give you the best fuel price and fuel delivery service to meet your specific business needs.  For a free estimate, please call 410-753-2199 or 717-921-4417, or complete the short form below to have someone contact you.

Do you need a fuel storage tank? We offer 500-gallon and 1,000-gallon fuel tanks with pumps for sale or for lease. We can place a diesel fuel storage tank (sometimes called a skid tank) and pump system anywhere on your site that is accessible to our delivery vehicles and personnel. Whether you lease or buy a diesel fuel storage tank from Tevis, we will install a clean and well-maintained tank that will protect the quality of your fuel and look great on your property.

Fuel Quality and Your Tank – The quality of your fuel is only as good as the inside of your tank.  Tanks often decay from the inside out.  When this happens, sediment and other loose particles can make their way into your vehicles and equipment and damage them.  Our seasonal additives stabilize the fuel inside your storage tanks and equipment to keep clean them and free of sediment.  This helps prolong the life of both your equipment and your fuel storage tanks.

Tevis provides diesel fuel delivery to businesses and farms in Maryland and South Central PA. Contact us today for a free, no-hassle fueling estimate!

Also called wet-hosing, mobile fueling, direct fueling, and on-site fueling, we’ll pump fuel from our truck directly into your equipment so your vehicles and equipment are always ready to go.

Tevis delivers fuel to businesses and farms in Maryland and South Central PA. Contact us today for a free, no-hassle fueling estimate!

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