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Biodiesel Delivery

Tevis Energy is proud to offer biodiesel delivery for both on- and off-road use.  Our quality biodiesel is domestically-produced.  We can deliver biodiesel in blends from B2 biodiesel up to B20 biodiesel.  (If you plan to use blends above B5 biodiesel, please be sure to check with your equipment manufacturer, as biodiesel is a natural solvent and can cause exposed synthetic parts to wear.)

Whether you choose biodiesel or traditional diesel fuel, Trust Tevis to protect your business with dependable delivery, fair and honest biodiesel prices.

ECOPro diesel fuel additive by Tevis Energy also helps valuable equipment perform better and last longer!

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There are several factors that determine biodiesel fuel price, including the biodiesel blend.  For example, B2 contains 2% biodiesel and 98% petroleum diesel, whereas B20 contains 20% biodiesel.  Our goal is to give you the best biodiesel fuel price and delivery to meet your specific business needs.  For a free estimate, please call 410-876-6800, or complete the short form below to have someone contact you.

ECOPro diesel fuel additive by Tevis EnergyQuality biodiesel matters to Tevis because it matters to you. Demanding or extreme operating conditions can degrade biodiesel fuel quality, which can lead to equipment problems. At Tevis, we go above and beyond to protect and enhance your fuel supply by adding ECOPro to every gallon of biodiesel we deliver.

It’s important to point out that the quality of your fuel is only as good as the inside of your tank.  This especially true for biodiesel fuel storage.  As a natural solvent, biodiesel will often cause tank sediment in an old tank to break down. When this happens, sediment and other loose particles can make their way into your vehicles and equipment and cause problems.  If the problem becomes severe, a new fuel storage tank may be necessary.  In a new biodiesel storage tank, ECOPro will will go a very long way towards reducing the tank corrosion to keep both your tanks and your equipment clean and free of sediment.

ECOPro contains these properties to help your valuable biodiesel equipment perform better and last longer.

  • Corrosion inhibitor – protects costly fuel systems and injectors from rust and corrosion.
  • Water dispersant – prevents condensation and bacteria from accumulating inside your tanks.
  • Detergent – removes and prevents engine and tank deposits that can harm equipment.
  • Lubricity agent – improves fuel economy and helps slow the process of normal wear-and-tear.
  • Cetane improver – helps with cold-starts and improves fuel economy.
  • Anti-gel agent – added seasonally to prevent fuel from gelling in the winter.

ECOPro is included in every diesel delivery we make at not additional cost to you!

Learn more about our Fuel Storage Tank options.

Tevis provides biodiesel fuel delivery to farms and business of all types in Maryland and South Central Pennsylvania.  We deliver fuel to Adams County PA, Baltimore County MD, Carroll County MD, Harford County MD, Howard County MD, and York County PA.  Contact us today for a free, no-hassle biodiesel estimate!

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Biodiesel delivery map Tevis Energy
Biodiesel delivery map Tevis Energy

Tevis has been delivering biodiesel for nearly two decades.  We have built solid relationships with our biodiesel suppliers, and as a result, no other fuel company performs better than Tevis for on-time biodiesel delivery! Aided by technology, we work to understand your biodiesel fueling requirements as if it was our business. This allows us to be proactive in meeting your needs, and responsive should you encounter a situation that requires an alteration to your standard biodiesel delivery schedule. Our drivers will also work cooperatively and efficiently to avoid disrupting your operations. And when you call us, you’ll reach someone who is always ready to help!

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