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Fuel Storage Tanks

The fuel you use in your vehicles and equipment is only as good as the tank it’s stored in.  Tevis Energy provides expert installation of  fuel storage tanks ranging in size from 250 gallons to 1000 gallons.  They can be installed with or without pump systems.

Whether you lease or buy a fuel storage tank from Tevis, we will install a clean and well-maintained tank that will protect your fuel and look great on your property or job site. If you choose to lease a tank from Tevis Energy, we will perform regular maintenance on the entire system to ensure reliable, worry-free operation.

Pump Features and Options:

Twinned skid tanks tanks with metered fuel pump systems

Twinned skid tanks with metered fuel pump systems

Skid Tanks.  We deliver and install a 500-gallon or 1000-gallon skid tanks for convenient fuel storage at your site.

You have the option to lease or buy fuel tanks. You can be confident that the tank we provide will be in excellent condition to protect the quality of your fuel.  Additionally, regular maintenance is included with all leased fuel tanks.

Unlocked Fuel Cube showing pump mechanism

Unlocked Fuel Cube showing pump mechanism

Fuel Cube. Designed for construction sites, Fuel Cubes provide secure, portable fuel storage.  Fuel Cubes feature a double-walled tank that is protected from harsh elements. Fuel cubes also have four-way forklift pockets for easy on-site maneuvering.  Fuel cubes can be locked to prevent tampering and theft. Fuel Cubes look cool too.  Please contact us to learn more about Fuel Cubes

Metered fuel pump system

Metered fuel pump system

Pump options. We offer both metered and non-metered pumps; multiple hose and nozzle lengths; 115-volt, 12-volt, and manual pumps.  All pump systems include a fuel filter to keep any particulate matter from entering your equipment.  We perform regular tank and pump maintenance, including replacement of fuel filters, at no extra cost on Tevis-owned tanks at your site.

Tank monitor on diesel fuel tank installed by Tevis Energy.

Tank monitor installed on diesel storage tank

Tank Monitoring. Your tank level can be transmitted to Tevis in real time.  This allows us to dispatch your fuel deliveries on demand and prevent run-outs. Tank monitors are just one way Tevis ensures that you receive the reliable fuel delivery you need to keep your operation running.

Water Filters. At Tevis, we go above and beyond to ensure the quality of the fuel we deliver and the tanks we install.  Therefore, water is rarely (if ever) a concern for our customers.  A water filter may be important if you plan to add a new pump to an older tank you already own.  ECOPro will disperse water caused by normal condensation, but if more significant amounts of water accumulate inside the tank for any other reason, a water filter will cause the pump to automatically shut down before water can be introduced into your equipment.




Fuel Quality and Your Tank – The quality of your fuel is only as good as the inside of your fuel storage tank.  Fuel tanks often decay from the inside out.  When this happens, sediment and other loose particles can make their way into your vehicles and equipment and affect their performance.

Our quality ECOPro fuel additive does more than keep your diesel fuel from gelling in the winter.  ECOPro works year round to keep fuel lines clear by dispersing condensation and sediment that occurs naturally inside most outdoor tanks.  Outdoor tanks are especially vulnerable to condensation if exposed to direct sun, or otherwise experience wide fluctuations in temperature.  Consequently, ECOPro not only helps prolong the life of your fuel storage tank, it keeps your fuel clean and your equipment running properly.

If you’re not sure about the condition of your fuel storage tank, we can provide an honest assessment, including a fuel test.

Does Your Fuel Tank Hold 10,000 gallons or more? Please visit our Bulk/Wholesale page.

Tevis provides fuel delivery and fuel storage tanks for farms and business of all types in Maryland and South Central Pennsylvania.  We supply fuel services to Adams County PA, Baltimore County MD, Carroll County MD, Harford County MD, Howard County MD, and York County PA.  Contact us today for a free, no-hassle fueling estimate!