Tevis Energy converting your oil system

Thinking of Converting Your Oil System to Gas or Another Heat Source?

We can help! Our sister company, Modern Comfort Systems, installs every type of heating system, including gas, propane, electric, and geothermal systems!

A highly trained and experienced Comfort Advisor will listen to you and present all of the heating options available to you, based on your specific needs. From there you’ll be able to make an informed decision about converting your oil heating system.

Things to Consider Before You Convert Your Oil System

Converting from any type of heat to another is costly, and oil conversion are no exception. Homeowners often under-estimate the cost of system conversion, and over-estimate their energy savings, including how soon the anticipated energy savings will cover the conversion cost.

ECOPlus by Tevis Energy is eco-friendly and economicalAlthough we are happy to install a new heating system for you, we usually help the homeowner evaluate their current oil system and the cost to operate it.  If the system is operating well with low repair costs, we suggest waiting until the system approaches the end of its useful life before replacing it with another type of heating system.  Tevis ECOPlus heating oil and seasonal tune-tuneups can significantly improve performance and prolong system life!

Today’s clean-burning heating oil offers many advantages! Visit our Heating Oil page and blog to learn about them.