Tevis Energy emergency service

Emergency Oil Delivery

When you need an emergency oil delivery fast, turn to Tevis Energy!  Few if any heating oil companies compare to Tevis Energy’s ability to respond quickly!

Tevis offers 24/7 emergency oil delivery to its automatic delivery customers.  This includes new automatic delivery customers who have never had a delivery from Tevis.  Will Call customers will receive oil delivery next business day sooner when ordered by noon. (Please allow up to 3 days for will call delivery before and during periods of severe weather.)  Call 410-876-6800 or choice either option below. 

If you are out of oil and we are unable to deliver oil to you immediately, it is safe to use standard kerosene in an oil system.  Kerosene is available at many gas stations.  IMPORTANT: Only store kerosene in a clean container clearly marked for kerosene storage. No other type of container should be used.

We are so confident in the accuracy of our Automatic Delivery Service that we guarantee it! If you run out of heating oil due to a scheduling error on our part, we will:

  • Deliver heating oil to you immediately!
  • Start your burner at no charge!
  • Credit your heating oil account $50!

Out of Oil or System Problem?

To determine if you are out of oil or if you have a system issue, follow these simple steps:

  1. Check your oil gauge.  Over time, they can get stuck.  Give it a gentle tap to see if the reading changes.
  2. Press the restart button on your furnace ONE time.  If your systems starts up and then immediate shuts down, that is a sign you are out of oil.
  3. If your oil gauge does not work, stick your tank to see if you any oil in your tank.  How Much Oil is in My Tank? will walk you through the process.

If you HAVE OIL but your heat is not working, our sister-company, Modern Comfort Systems, will get your heating system working again fast!