The oil on the left is costing you money!

Dirt and sediment produced by bacteria build up and prevent oil from burning properly.  As a result, it takes more to heat your home.  Sediment can also damage your system, resulting in costly repairs and shorter system life.

ECOPlus Heating Oil dissolves sediment and stops the growth of bacteria in your tank. The result – lower heating costs!   

Watch Tim Watkins, Tevis Energy’s fuel quality expert, explain why fuel quality is so important.

Video note: T2000 is now ECOPlus!

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Learn More About Water In Your Oil Tank

How does a springtime fill prevent water in my oil tank?
Leaving a heating oil tank low or allowing it to go empty can cause water to form in your oil tank. The water is condensation, which contribute to sediment. In turn, this can cause costly problems for your heating system next year. Getting an end of the season fill is important for the efficiency and performance of your oil furnace…More