Keneco Oil

Keneco Oil joins the Tevis Family of Companies!

Founded in 1972, Keneco has a long tradition and reputation of service and quality in Adams and York Counties in Pennsylvania. We are pleased to welcome Keneco Oil to the Tevis Family of Companies!

The merger was initiated by Keneco’s previous owner, Richard Ogg, because of his confidence that Tevis Energy would provide the best service to their customers.

The merger also brought a few new employees from the Littlestown office to our team!
Depending on your location, we may occasionally serve you from one of the following trucks: Tevis, Rittenhouse, Keneco, Liberty, or Modern Comfort. This will not alter the quality, nor the cost of the service you receive from us. In fact, you may experience faster response times because of our expanded team of certified technicians and oil delivery drivers!

New To Tevis?

Keneco customers are able to take advantage of the following benefits immediately:



Listen for us on the radio. Check Froggy 107.7 radio spots!

We look forward to serving you!