Tevis Energy Payment Options

Monthly Payment Plan Enrollment

We make comfort EASY and AFFORDABLE!

Our Monthly Payment Plan eliminates high and unpredictable delivery bills and replaces them with lower and equal monthly payments.

  • No large, ill-timed delivery bills!
  • Your monthly payment is the same regardless of the timing of your oil deliveries. This makes comfort affordable and worry-free!
  • Add a Service Plan or Tank Protection!
  • FREE! No fees or finance charges!
  • We pay you 1% interest on credit balances!
  • Qualifies you for our Price Protection option when combined with Automatic Delivery!

Your delivery ticket, monthly account statements, and Anytime Account Access allow you to stay on top of your account balance leading up to your final statement and account reconciliation in May.

To enroll in a Monthly Payment Plan, please call us or click the link below  to enroll online. (To protect your private information, this link will open our secure Purchase Partners website.)