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Welcome to Tevis Energy!

Locked In Oil Prices Can be Risky! Call Tevis for honest answers!

Don't be bitten by a lock in heating oil price

Special Offer for New Heating Oil Customers:

Call Today to hold our LOW summer pricing until October 2018! Capped Pricing available!

For details, call 410-876-6800 or 717-632-3400, or inquire online below.

(We respond to online inquires within one business day or even sooner!)

Our Promise to Every Customer:

  • Fast Oil Delivery! Next Day or Sooner!
  • Honest, Straight-Forward Pricing!
  • No Contracts or Delivery Fees!
  • Quality Fuel for Lower Heating Costs!
  • Locally-Owned! Helpful People You Can TRUST!

Locked in oil prices can be very risky. If heating oil prices fall below your locked price, you will still need to pay the higher price for every delivery until your contract expires. And if you try to change heating oil suppliers, chances are that your oil supplier will charge you a cancellation fee.  It is not typical to for cancellation fees to be $300 or more.  Tevis Energy has no contracts and never charges customers a fee to leave. That motivates us to work hard and earn your business every day!

Tevis Enhances and Safeguards Fuel Quality

Nobody takes fuel quality more seriously than Tevis!  To ensure consistent fuel quality for our customers, Tevis never strays from these best practices: