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2 days ago
Heating Oil Usage Rate: How Long Will A Tank of Oil Last?

FAQ: How Long Will A Tank of Oil Last? Just like the type of car you own, how well it has been maintained, how old it is and how you drive influence how much gas it takes you to commute during the ... See more

Fall leaves are crunching on the ground now, but the chill of winter is right around the corner. And every year around this time, countless Maryland and Pennsylvania homeowners start to wonder how ... See more

2 days ago

New Sign Install 😍🎉
#westminster #johnstreet #inwiththenew

3 days ago

Working Saturdays was never funner 😉 Our dedicated team is ready to meet your fuel delivery needs! Amber is at our John St. location until Noon.

5 days ago

Look who we caught up with today .. TODDO!!!

6 days ago

🇺🇸️This week we continue celebrating our employees and their family members who have served in the military:

Josh works for our sister company, Tevis Propane he is in the Army Reserves, ... See more

1 week ago

It’s a GIRL! Customer Service Representative, Kaitlynn, reveals her baby’s gender to her coworkers! Congratulations to Kaitlynn, her husband, and Big Sister!

1 week ago

Honoring our Veterans: My son-in-law (yes, I am very proud) Joshua Reaver, Army Infantry. - Margy, Office Manager, Tevis Propane

Tevis Enhances and Safeguards Fuel Quality

Nobody take fuel quality more seriously than Tevis!  To ensure consistent fuel quality for our customers, Tevis never strays from these best practices: