Wholesale Fueling Services

Tevis Wholesale Fueling Services are designed for businesses with underground fuel tanks of 10,000 gallons or more. Whether you have this type of tank at a retail fueling station or a private fueling station, these tanks are gravity-fed and require the capacity of one of our large transport vehicles.

Fuel Quality matters to Tevis because we know it matters to you.

Although fuel stored in underground tanks does not undergo extreme temperature changes like fuel stored in aboveground tanks does; underground tanks are still prone to moisture. This can degrade fuel quality. To prevent moisture from adversely affecting your retail customers or your own fleet of vehicles, Tevis consistently does the following:

  • We purchase fuel only from the most reputable suppliers.
  • We maintain our bulk storage facilities to the highest possible standards.
  • We maintain our transport vehicles to these same high standards.
  • We test our fuel regularly to verify quality.
  • We use seasonal additives that destroy water molecules. These additives are highly effective and ensure that the fuel we deliver to you is as good, if not better than it was when we purchased it from our suppliers, and will stay that way in your tank!
  • Our drivers follow best practices to ensure safe and accurate fuel deliveries to your underground tanks.

Our Quality Fuels include: Diesel, gasoline, kerosene, #2 fuel oil, propane. We deliver both on-road diesel and off-road diesel.

Tevis quality is surpassed only by Tevis dependability.

We work tirelessly to understand your fueling requirements as if it was our business. Strong relationships allow us to be proactive in meeting your needs, and responsive should you encounter a situation that requires us to deviate from our normal service to you. You can trust Tevis to be there for you!

There’s something else we are serious about. Courtesy.

Our drivers respect your property and will work efficiently and cooperatively to avoid disrupting your operations. And if you call us, you’ll reach someone who is always ready to help!

When it comes to dependability and commitment, no other fuel company performs better than Tevis!

Tevis proudly delivers fuel to Maryland and South Central PA.

Whether your operation requires on-road diesel, off-road diesel or gasoline, Tevis is extraordinarily capable of meeting all your fueling needs!

Call us today for a fueling estimate!